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Late night Sara Bareilles sessions are the best.

Sea of Love (cover by me) - Cat Power

This isn’t perfect by any means. I recorded it using the voice memo on my phone at 11 o’clock on a Friday night a few weeks ago. But I hope you guys enjoy it just the same.


Sweet Moment | Bowerbirds

But you held me to my word
And you held my gaze so tight
And you told me this is all ours
While our eyes still pool with light
This is our sweet moment
Watch the clouds skirt the sun
Watch the orange grass wrestle
The monster wind… 

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You must remember waking up in Paris with the blunt.

You must remember fucking me like anytime you want.

What made us want to act like we were married for two weeks.

Now we back in California we don’t even speak that a no no.

Everyone say we look good on paper. You deserve the action.

Plus you get more paper that I do. That shit attractive. Things that make me miss ya.

Where Jen & Melissa? Tell the squad I said waddup girl.

I screamed

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