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SURPRISE! I uploaded a new video! I absolutely loved filming this video! Had such an amazing, happy day that day full of positive vibes.
If you want to feel the positive vibes and listen to me talk about the 10 things that make me happy, then check out my NEW video! 
WATCH it right HERE —-> 10 Things That Make Me Happy

SURPRISE! I uploaded a new video! I absolutely loved filming this video! Had such an amazing, happy day that day full of positive vibes.

If you want to feel the positive vibes and listen to me talk about the 10 things that make me happy, then check out my NEW video! 

WATCH it right HERE —-> 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Things {May 2013}

  • 5/1: Being signed out of school early
  • 5/2: Listening to The Great Gatsby soundtrack on NPR
  • 5/3: Comparing your life to One Tree Hill (with hilarious fail)
  • 5/4: Adopted a kitten
  • 5/5: Picking out names for new kitten
  • 5/6: The Great Gatsby prescreening
  • 5/7: Finished an online class (and online classes in general) FOREVER
  • 5/8: Being told I look like Tina Fey 
  • 5/9: Watched hours upon hours of The Mindy Project
  • 5/10: Instagrammed one too many pictures of my kitty
  • 5/11: Enjoying a day without homework
  • 5/12: Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful on repeat
  • 5/13: New nail polish
  • 5/14: Weird interactions with my kitty
  • 5/15: Tweeting Anders Holm
  • 5/16: Scandal
  • 5/17: Renaming kitty roughly 79 times
  • 5/18: New books
  • 5/19: First pool day for the summer
  • 5/20: Graduation dress
  • 5/21: My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech
  • 5/22: Audiobook of The Great Gatsby
  • 5/23: Countdowns to Arrested Development
  • 5/24: Being backstage
  • 5/25: Cast parties
  • 5/26: Beach
  • 5/27: Live-texting a show with friends 
  • 5/28: Lounging around
  • 5/29: Graduation rehearsal
  • 5/30: More Scandal
  • 5/31: Banquets 

5 awesome things about today

1. I got a free download of The Great Gatsby audiobook narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal (AKA the love of my life since I was about 9) 

2. I played a fun mystery game called Crack the Case with friends for over two hours straight. We eventually cracked every case. 

3. I discovered that Moonrise Kingdom is on a movies-on-demand channel on Verizon Fios 

4. I had lots and lots of morning snuggles with my kitty.

5. After tracking my order number for my graduation dress it turns out that it’s in Orlando and will arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. 

5 great things about today

  1. I took my last test of my high school career and I feel I did really well on it. 
  2. I ordered my graduation dress (went with the nautical one!)
  3. I took a trip with my parents to Lowe’s and picked out some paint samples to make this super cool DIY calendar.
  4. I had lots of cuddle time with my kitty, Gatsby, when I got home. 
  5. I discovered this awesome Lennon & Maisy cover of Ho Hey (that I’ve been listening to multiple times daily for weeks) is on Spotify on The Music of Nashville Original Soundtack Volume 2. It’s going to be going on lots of playlists, let me tell you.

Happy Things {April 2013}

  • 4/1: Sleeping in 
  • 4/2: Scent of magnolias
  • 4/3: Jimmy Fallon
  • 4/4: Getting an A in AP Lit
  • 4/5: Afternoon naps
  • 4/6: Beyonce jams
  • 4/7: Silly pictures of my dog
  • 4/8: Literature humor 
  • 4/9: Kind compliments from strangers
  • 4/10: Freaks and Geeks
  • 4/11: EW
  • 4/12: Babysitting
  • 4/13: Ben Howard at Coachella
  • 4/14: Realizations (about stupid boys)
  • 4/15: Hart of Dixie 
  • 4/17: James Franco
  • 4/18: Spring nail polish 
  • 4/19: Relaxing afternoons  
  • 4/20: George Tucker
  • 4/21: Graduation announcements
  • 4/22: Feeling extra happy
  • 4/23: Online shopping
  • 4/24: Finishing a good book 
  • 4/25: Haircuts
  • 4/26: Live-tweeting TV shows
  • 4/27: Painting
  • 4/28: More painting
  • 4/29: Being 90% finished with online classes
  • 4/30: Game of Thrones

Happy Things {March 2013}

  • 3/1: Going to bed early
  • 3/2: Watching House Hunters for hours
  • 3/3: Being Marnie
  • 3/4: Funny Twitter conversations
  • 3/5: Andrew Belle’s covers
  • 3/6: Girl Meets World news
  • 3/7: {genuinely cannot remember a thing about this day}
  • 3/8: Harry Styles’ new tattoo
  • 3/9: JT on SNL
  • 3/10: Lying out by the pool
  • 3/11: Marnie singing Kanye West
  • 3/12: Prom dress shopping
  • 3/13: New dresses
  • 3/14: Beach
  • 3/15: Prabal Gurung for Target for 1/2 the price
  • 3/16: Cute proposal videos
  • 3/17: Icecream and Girls season finale
  • 3/18: Jonas David liking my Instagram pictures
  • 3/19: Good hair days:
  • 3/20: My last State Festival / straight superiors
  • 3/21: Meeting Adam Gidwitz
  • 3/22: Trolley rides
  • 3/23: Getting DBA’s done and over with
  • 3/24: Picking out a new prom dress
  • 3/25: Kate Perry movie
  • 3/26: Freaks and Geeks
  • 3/27: Getting an A
  • 3/28: Turning in makeup work on time
  • 3/29: Sleepovers
  • 3/30: Manicures
  • 3/31: DISNEY WORLD

Happy Things {February 2013}

  • 2/1: Shameless
  • 2/2: Working out 
  • 2/3: Jamming to acoustic Bieber
  • 2/4: Yoga mats
  • 2/5: No homework
  • 2/6: New books arriving in the mail
  • 2/7: Getting a reply to a risky text
  • 2/8: Healthy breakfasts + reading
  • 2/9: Starbucks with friends
  • 2/10: Sleepovers + Gossip Girl
  • 2/11: Sylvia
  • 2/12: Lena Dunham
  • 2/13: Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams
  • 2/14: Brownies + finishing projects
  • 2/15: Drive-in movie
  • 2/16: Open windows + Mumford & Sons
  • 2/17: Messages from Jonas David
  • 2/18: Turning papers in on time + finishing homework early
  • 2/19: Reading TFiOS movie news
  • 2/20: Unexpected texts
  • 2/21: Hopping into bed after a long day
  • 2/22: Sleepovers
  • 2/23: Tangled soundtrack
  • 2/24: Being in cozy in bed with the Oscars
  • 2/25: Listening to playlists made just for me
  • 2/26: Getting an A+ on a math test
  • 2/27: Car washes 
  • 2/28: Being in a Harlem Shake video

Happy Things {January 2013}

  • 1/1: New Years with friends + new skirt
  • 1/2: Laughing in bed
  • 1/3: Jokes with Rose
  • 1/4: Being productive
  • 1/5: FIT essay writing
  • 1/6: Booking a flight
  • 1/7: New music videos
  • 1/8: Kisses goodbye
  • 1/9: Packing
  • 1/10: Quiet flights 
  • 1/11: College tour + coffee cups and wishes that will come true
  • 1/12: Walks through the park + museums + Broadway shows
  • 1/13: Flights home 
  • 1/14: New TV shows
  • 1/15: Plans
  • 1/16: Forgotten CDs
  • 1/17: Whispering + “patience” 
  • 1/18: Kind questions
  • 1/19: Park plans
  • 1/20: Car rides with friends
  • 1/21: Questions asked and answered
  • 1/22: Writing poems
  • 1/23: “Overwhelmed”
  • 1/24: Sharing stories
  • 1/25: Kisses at red lights
  • 1/26: Dresses and stripes
  • 1/27: Long hours watching Netflix
  • 1/28: Submitting future-determining essays
  • 1/29: Adding new songs to playlists
  • 1/30: Distracting myself
  • 1/31: Writing in my journal

2013 Positive Projects

So, a short while ago I came across a post by Olivia—AKA Wanderlust And Such—that was a compiled list of 1 good thing from each day of the month of January (you can find it here). I loved it. It was so simple and spanned from specific things like “Writing in my journal,” “Cozy pajamas,” or “Carrot cake” to things that probably have stories behind them like “Common sense,” “Apologies,” and “Being in love / no matter what.” It was just a sweet list that even reading it made me feel happy. 

Olivia’s list of happy things got me thinking about how I had my whole “positive project” of 2012. My “positive project” was Positive Thoughts where I wrote about each day and all of the good things that happened. I tried to keep up with it every day and for the most part I did. Some days I forgot or didn’t have time so I compiled 2 days in a post. Olivia’s list struck me because it was just so simple and got me thinking that maybe I don’t need to talk about my whole entire day, but instead just mention one thing and with that memory of the whole day will rush back.

I loved my Positive Thoughts 2012 project, but I’d like to try something different. So, I think I’m going to follow Olivia’s lead on the one happy thing from each day (if you don’t mind Olivia!). I think this’ll be a nice 2013 “positive project.” I’ve already compiled my January list and will probably post it sometime tomorrow. I’ll catch up on the month of February and will probably post each month on the last day of the month.

On an ending note, if you don’t follow Olivia, I highly suggest you do! She’s in my list of my top 3 favorite bloggers and pretty much just internet people in general. She’s so wonderful.

Updates, updates, and more updates

Hi everyone! I’ve kind of given up on Positive Thoughts for the rest of the year. I’ve gotten really lazy when it comes to them to be honest, but here I am to give a rough update on my life for the past month! So onto the exciting things that have happened….. 

My theater troupe and I took our one act to competition (remember last year when I was having anxiety attacks like weekly and it all ended once the play was over? yup, same event, but different play, and zero anxiety) and we won! We’ve won literally 16 years in a row—this being the 16th year—and it was a wonderful experience. We actually cancelled our 3 shows at our school before it was competition week and just worked on our show some more so at competition it was the VERY first time we had performed in front of an audience. So for 3 days I got to watch all of the other schools’ plays and at the awards ceremony my troupe’s play swept up 12 awards. TWELVE. It was so so wonderful. The next week after competition we put up 3 shows at school and they all went smoothly. So for the last week before break with shows and competition over we got to audition for a new show! We’re putting up The Little Mermaid in February which I’m so excited about because I love mermaids, I love Ariel, I love it all. 

DID I MENTION I FINISHED 2 OF MY ONLINE CLASSES? NO? YES? WELL I FINISHED 2 OF MY ONLINE CLASSES. Now all I have left to do is Latin II which I’m so happy about because it takes off a lot of stress. Also, I switched out of my Creative Photography class and am going to do student assisting next semester to be a TA. I asked my APUSH teacher from sophomore year if he needed a TA and if so could it be me and he said yeah, so once I get into the class next semester I’m going to try and work it out to be his TA during second period hehehe. 

My holiday break has been wonderful so far! The first day of break I had a tacky sweater party to go to. It was so fun. We had a white elephant gift exchange in which I brought a bright yellow smiley face mug that I got at Goodwill for a dollar. Also, dreamy boys from another school that us girls met at our competition attended. So dreamy. So cute. So funny. Christmas was great too! I got the polka dot pajamas, Beats, Teen Vogue Handbook, white Converse, The Happiness Project (which I’ve started reading and it’s really interesting), and Kate Spade iPhone case from my list. Then as other miscellaneous items I got a Barnes & Noble giftcard, American Eagle Outfitters giftcard, and money from my aunt. My mom and step-dad got me 3 really modern rings that are pretty and a Louis Vuitton wallet. My dad got me a new guitar which I am beyond thrilled about because I’ve been guitar-less for about 2 years now. So I’m really excited to get back to playing and writing songs. Rose got me an Urban Decay eye shadow which I borderline cried over because it’s a color from my Naked palette that I ran out of. My little sister made me nice letters that we put up on my bedroom wall that’s one of my favorite quotes of “Life may be sad, but it is always beautiful.” My Christmas was lovely. I hope yours was too! 

As of today I was in bed all day watching movies and reading. I watched Magic Mike (Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer’s pelvic thrusts were actually painful for me to watch, so beautiful I stopped breathing) and The Five-Year Engagement which during it I was literally laughing out loud. 

On the agenda for tomorrow is heading off to the mall to spend Christmas money, but for now I’m going to watch The Lorax! Goodnight everyone xo

Blogging from Studio 6B in Rockefeller Center

I’m just kidding, I’m actually blogging from my sister’s house, buuuuttttttt I am blogging from my new laptop! After a long Thanksgiving day I braved the round-the-block line at Best Buy with my sister, brother-in-law, and his nephew in the cold for over an hour. Then after finding out the laptop we were planning on getting was only a doorbuster ticket item we browsed the store for an hour and a half to wait for the tickets to become invalid so we can buy their leftovers. So we browsed for an hour and a half, played with the cameras, looked at the computers, I fell in deep love with the Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD headphones, and come 3 A.M. I was first in line to claim a laptop from the leftover doorbuster items! 

I have never in my life experienced Black Friday shopping. Never. Never camped out outside a store. Never went through hoards of people trying to get through the door. Never. I must say, it was pretty tame at Best Buy. It wasn’t like the horror story of madhouse stores packed with people pushing and shoving in the slightest. So maybe I didn’t get a real Black Friday shopping experiencing, but standing in line in the cold was enough for me.

So thanks to braving through the cold, my brother-in-law being the tech god that he is and finding the greatest computer at the best price, the sweetest worker at Best Buy named Eddie (if you follow me on Twitter you know that I fell in love) giving us the Best Buy secrets and putting us on the call-list for the leftover laptops, I got a laptop! Setting it up at my sister’s at 4:30 in the morning was so fun and exciting and after being warm at home and getting through Black Friday we treated ourselves to grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Black Friday that was as tame as mine was! I had a great Thanksgiving (and 18th birthday!) filled with lots of eating and amazing presents. Now onto enjoying the rest of break before having to deal with school again!

Hi everyone!

I know you haven’t heard from me in well over a month. I don’t really have time to blog as much this school year as I did last year to be honest. I’ve been pretty busy with school and whatnot. I’ll come home and do my homework and by the time that’s done I’m ready for a shower and bed. I’ve kept up here with Instagram photos from time to time, but that’s pretty much it. I wish I had more time for blogging and putting things in my queue and updating all of you, but it’s hard to find time for it! My senior year of high school is crazier than I thought it would be. 

I’ve been doing well though! In the past month or so I’ve been doing well in school. I was so excited for the month of October and I had 3 separate costume-related events so I was Bella Swan for one, Olive Oyl for another, and then a ventriloquist doll for the third. I’ve been eating pumpkin flavored things like there’s no tomorrow. Pumpkin Pop Tarts, pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt, pumpkin cheesecake, and I don’t plan on stopping until it gets to December and I start eating peppermint everything.

I went to The Avett Brothers concert! It honestly was a last minute decision, I decided to go the night before because believe it or not my ex-boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go with him to it and I went. It was actually the Cleartwater Jazz Holiday, just a festival, so they played for a little over 2 hours. It was so great, oh my goodness. They played January Wedding—one of my absolute favorite favorite songs by them—and we stood there and got as close as we could and I was in borderline tears. Such a beautiful song, beautiful band, everything. I still can’t believe I finally saw them live. Our whole ride there my ex and I were just like “Oh my goodness, we’re ACTUALLY going to see them. We really are! It’s been so long that we’ve been listening to them, we’re ACTUALLY going to see them!” And then we were just in awe and the whole ride home it was “Oh my goodness, we ACTUALLY saw them! We actually heard their voices live, they were not far away from us, they were great, we actually saw them.” It was so great.

I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie! I thought it was absolutely wonderful, I was crying the whole entire time. I was so hesitant about it for the longest time because how could you make that book into a movie and get it right, but it was. I thought the whole cast did a great job, I was thrilled. 

Oh, I thought you guys might appreciate this! So in AP Lit we get to read an “independent novel” and I have some books in mind that were approved by my teacher and then some that came from her list of suggested books:

  • Water for Elephants 
  • The Lovely Bones
  • The Bell Jar
  • The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
  • Atonement 
  • Fahrenheit 451 

I know, I know. I’ve already read The Lovely Bones, Fahrenheit 451, and The Bell Jar, but I think it might be nice to reread one and get a fresh perspective. I might just go for Water for Elephants, but I’m not sure. What book would you read? 

I bought a pair of brown boots! The lace up kind with the zipper on the side. I feel like I shouldn’t call them combat boots or anything, but they’re a pair I got from Target about a week or so ago and they’re my new favorite thing. They’re really comfortable and look great with a lot of different outfits, which I was kind of hesitant about before buying them. You know, I’m buying boots, but what kind of things do I wear them with. But they look great! I love them. 

Oh, last but not least, I’ve been hyperventilating about One Direction 24/7 so don’t be surprised to see lots of One Direction posts tonight, tomorrow, or any other day. I can’t even elaborate on the topic because I’ll start freaking out and fangirling and I’ll start rambling (I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.)

But alright! That’s a pretty much condensed version of what’s been going on in the past month or so without having to go into every little day to day detail. Thanksgiving break starts this Friday for me (also I turn 18 next week on the 22nd, can you believe it?!) , so I would like to say that I’ll have lots of time for blogging and catching up, but I don’t want to speak too soon just in case I’ll be swamped with online work. I’ll try as best I can! In the meantime feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram (carlynnvictoria) to keep up with me daily! 

Positive Thoughts // August 29-September 30, 2012

Hi everyone! I haven’t done a Positive Thoughts or even really posted on my blog in over a month and that’s because things have been so hectic lately! With my senior year of high school starting I’ve just been really invested in school, homework, and online classes so at the end of the day when I have a free minute I just want to get in bed and sleep forever. I’m back though! I’ve had such a nice day today sitting at home and catching up on blogging since I don’t have any homework so I thought I’d update you guys on everything that’s been going on. 

Now I can’t remember every great detail from the past month, but rest assured that I’ve been doing really well. I’ve been doing great in school. I have A’s in all of my classes and have gotten 100%’s on all of my quizzes in Trig, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I’ve even been doing really well in AP Lit as well, which I thought was going to be tough since I have a teacher that no one likes. I’ve been doing well in my online classes as well, it’s just been so hard to motivate myself to do the work since I’m trying to devote all of my other time to actual schoolwork.

I also got a babysitting job! I started babysitting for a really nice couple with two adorable little kids and it’s been so great. They’re the cutest kids in the whole world. Hmm…. I also opened up a bank account! I got a debit card too and it’s coming in the mail. I am way more excited for this than I actually should be since it’s a mediocre part of everyday life, but oh well.

I’m actually going to homecoming this year and I already have a dress picked out and let me say….. it is beyond beautiful. BEYOND. I’ve never gone to homecoming ever just because I’ve never seen a point in it, but I’m so excited to go. Once I order my dress I’ll post a picture to show all of you. I also even found a prom dress even though prom is very far off. I found a few to be honest. They’re all kind of expensive so I’ll definitely be saving up for it, but they’re perfect. If you’ve been following me long enough you know I’ve been casually posting runway pictures and being like “Oh my god, prom 2013 dreams” so I’ve been getting inspiration from all of those pictures and found about 2 or 3 dress options for prom.

So that’s what’s been going on! Just lots of schoolwork, homework, college things, hanging out with friends when I get a chance. Oh, I also started watching The Vampire Diaries since it’s on Netflix so I’m now addicted to that. Plus, I went to Marshall’s the other day and bought a cool black skull shirt (there’s an Instagram picture of it somewhere on my blog) along with an orange sheer button up and a paisley dress. I got an Essie nail polish for only $3 and it’s my new favorite fall obsession. Speaking of fall obsessions and kind of obsessions in general, I’ve been wearing lipstick a lot lately! I know that was one of my New Year’s Resolutions and I’ve been wearing it a lot more often. I found 2 Revlon colors that I want to buy for fall that are really pretty so I might just go ahead and buy them. 

Okay, well, that was a huge jumbled mess of events and happenings just popping into my head, but yeah! I truly truly am going to try and regularly update here, if I don’t do a Positive Thoughts everyday I’ll try and make it weekly. I’m stocking up my queue for the coming week so there’s that. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, that’s where I’m most active currently, so if you don’t know what’s going on in my life here you’ll definitely know by my Instagram and Twitter. I’ve missed blogging so much, I’m glad to be back! xo 

Positive Thoughts // August 10-28, 2012

Hi everyone! The past two weeks have been so busy that I haven’t found the time to sit down and write a big Positive Thoughts. Whenever I say “I can definitely do it tomorrow because I’ll have lots of time!” something always comes up that occupies my time. So, right now, while I do actually have time to spare because I’m all done with my homework for the day I’ll update you guys on what’s been going on! So here it goes:\

Last days of summer:

  • I went to Barnes & Noble with Charlotte, Nikki, and Julia to do summer work and we sat in the cafe and got big tables together and worked on summer work. 
  • Truly the last 10 days of my summer vacation at home were very unexciting mainly because all I did was work on my summer reading, which was not fun whatsoever, but also great because I did end up getting it done in time to turn it in!
  • One day I went to Julia’s and hung out with everyone and we all played games and talked about the upcoming school year.
  • For two days I slept over at Rose’s and we watched silly videos of Dr. Phil shows on YouTube and then the next day we volunteered at the elementary school to help a teacher set up her classroom. 
  • I went to a get together for our theatre troupe to welcome all of the new members and we all played games to get to know each other and ate food and hung out which was so fun because it was so great to meet all of the new people.
  • After that my sister went to buy school supplies and I ended up leaving the store with a Bane poster (most beautiful thing in the world) and hair dye! I chose a dark brown color just get rid of my faded ombre and go back to something that looked a little bit more natural on me.
  • On the Sunday before the last day of summer a friend came over and we hung out and then left to go to dinner with other friends at a Japanese restaurant which was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten in my life. Then afterwards we played Mario Party at Nikki’s house, went out and got sno-cones, and then a friend came over and we watched Married to Jonas (I wish I was kidding, but I’m not).
  • On the last day before summer I dyed my hair and it turned out so perfectly. It’s so incredibly dark and I love it. 
  • After dyeing my hair Nikki, our friends Carlie and Kylie, and I all went to the library to finish summer reading. You would think it’d be boring because we were in a quiet library doing work for a boring book, but no. While we were there a man sitting in the armchairs near us farted…. really loud….. twice. I am not kidding when I say we were crying because we were silently laughing so hard it hurt.

Back to school:

  • The first day of school went really smoothly. All of my classes are great. I have first period with Rose, second period is Creative Photography which is now a full-year course and I can tell is going to be a lot of fun, then I have AP Lit with Nikki, LSA (my theatre troupe) for three periods afterwards, AP Psych with Nikki and Carlie during seventh, and then a virtual period 8th period where I go to the auditorium and work on homework ‘til the school day is over. 
  • Last week I got on really good terms with my AP Lit teacher because when we went around the room to talk about ourselves I mentioned I love writing and that I’ve written 3 books before (no really, I have!) and Nikki even vouched for me since she’s read them before and I think my teacher really liked that. 
  • My Creative Photography class (which is something I switched into when I got my schedule changed before school started because they put me in the wrong class, and turns out I can’t have the next two levels of Fashion Marketing because the conflict with the periods I have LSA) is great. I can tell it’s just a class of kids who are looking to get an easy A, but I am honestly really excited for it. It used to be just a semester course, but they switched it to a full-year course so I’m really excited for all of the things I’ll get to learn that others that have taken the class before didn’t get to. 
  • My AP Psych class is also really great! My teacher is the nicest lady in the whole entire world, honestly the sweetest person I’ve ever met and she’s such a great teacher already. Right now we’re learning about memory which is such an interesting topic and she teaches so well that I leave class everyday knowing exactly what we learned. 
  • LSA has really fun because we’re starting our new competition play. So this past week all we have been doing is auditions so we’ve just been sitting around for three periods and eating lunch and auditioning, which is one of the most fun processes ever. It’s going to be such a great year I can feel it already. 
  • The past weekend was fun too! On Saturday a friend came over and we hung out and watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (not kidding, such an addictive show though) and then watched some of Bridesmaids before I left to go to Nikki’s house to hang out with people. Hanging out turned into getting ice cream at Coldstone and then going back to her house where we all ended up watching YouTube videos of contestants on So You Think You Can Dance.
  • We also got a hurricane day! Schools were closed yesterday because of Hurricane Isaac even though there was barely any rain. It gave me lots of extra time to do my homework though!

Well, that’s what’s been going on lately! I’ve been trying to get back in the swing of going to school and having homework to keep up with so I know I’ve been very lazy when it comes to Positive Thoughts and keeping up with blogging. Hope you guys have been having a great rest of summer or a great school week! xo

Positive Thoughts // July 28-August 9, 2012

Hi everyone! What was going on when you all heard from me last? I honestly can’t even remember. I feel like not much has happened since I last did a Positive Thoughts or maybe that’s just my memory failing me as usual. So hm…… what have I been up to since July 27:

  • I’ve had lots of sleepovers with Rose at my house which are always the best. What we think are just hangouts end in “So obviously you’re sleeping over” and then we stay up til 5 AM watching videos on the TLC website. Our most recent activities have been searching our local arrest records online and Googling members of the mob……. I know, you’re judging, but what else is there to do at 5 AM when you’ve already watched all of the video clips of My Strange Addiction online?
  • I discovered about a week or so ago that The Coastal Theory started following me on Instagram! It was such a lovely surprise because TCT is one of my favorite blogs. 
  • If I haven’t been hanging out with Rose I’ve been doing online schoolwork and I’ve been doing so well! I’ve been great about just sitting down and doing work for a few hours, switching off between all 3 of my online classes and getting lots of assignments done. I’ve been doing really great in my Latin II class. I just checked the online grade book today to see what I got on my last assignment and my teacher left a comment that says “Hi Carlynn! Wow. If there was an award for declining, you would earn it. You showed those 3rd declension nouns who’s boss :)” How great is that?! So nice to hear such kind words!
  • During the times Rose came over our friend Jonathan had stopped by as well to hang out for a few hours. It was all laughs the whole time including us baking a cake and watching funny TLC shows. 
  • At the beginning of August I had a leadership retreat with my theater troupe at our local museum. We all saw Dark Knight Rises in IMAX (if any of you were wondering Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s beautiful existences were beyond beautiful splayed across the huge screen) and then we had leadership meetings. Then we all went out to dinner then played lots of leadership games when we got back and the museum was closed. We had more leadership meetings and then at 2 AM we all went on the roof of the IMAX dome and looked at the beautiful site of the city and downtown in the distance. After that none of us went to bed until about 4 AM.
  • Lately we’ve been having lots and lots of thunderstorms and times when it would just rain for hours. I’ve expressed many times before how much I love the rain so it was a perfect time for me to sit down and do schoolwork or read my summer reading book.
  • We got our schedules in the mail and I have to say I’m pretty excited, but also equally anxious about my upcoming senior year of high school. I have first period with Rose and lots of classes with my friend Nikki so it’ll be really great. I won’t say much more, because there are certain things with my schedule that I want to talk about in a separate post.
  • Today I went into the school with the other people on our troupe’s leadership committee and cleaned up a bit and put things back in their place for the start of school and then afterwards we all went to Julia’s house to finish t-shirts for our upcoming troupe get together which was fun! 
  • I also made plans with Charlotte and our friend Nikki to go to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to work on summer reading since Nikki and I have AP Literature together!

As I’m sure you all know my Positive Thoughts have been every couple of days or so, or after each week, so you haven’t heard from me much. If I’m not posting on here I’m definitely updating Instagram and Twitter so don’t hesitate to follow me to see what I’m up to! My both my Instagram and Twitter name is carlynnvictoria so go ahead and follow and links to both of them are at the top of my page! Now I’m going to catch up on some blogging and watch Skins. Hope you guys have been having a great summer because soon it’s back to school! xo